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Feedback on Accession to Madrid Protocol is required

Friday, December 30, 2011

IPO-Pakistan is planning to accede to Madrid Protocol in order to facilitate the business community to register their trademarks around the globe by following a simplified procedure. A brief overview of the Madrid System is given below:

Madrid System is composed of two separate treaties namely Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol. The nationals of a country which is a member to either the Madrid Agreement or the Madrid Protocol or both can register their marks in any of the member countries by filing a single application in their National Trade Mark Office. The National Trade Mark Office, after checking some formalities, will forward the application to the International Bureau of WIPO for the international registration of the mark. After checking the procedural requirements, the mark is published in the WIPO Gazette of International Marks and then the application is forwarded by WIPO to the designated Member States mentioned in the application. The designated Member States will examine the application according to their own national legislations.

For further details, you may visit the following website of World Intellectual Property Organization:

If you have any suggestions/comments regarding the accession to Madrid Protocol, you may email IPO-Pakistan on the following address:

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