Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan


Class 1. Articles composed wholly of Metal or in which metal predominates, and jewellery.

Class 2.  Books and bookbinding of all materials.

Class 3.  Articles composed wholly of India-rubber, wood, bone, ivory, paper mache, celluloid, bakelie, or like substances,               or of material in which such substances predominate

Class 4.  Articles composed wholly of glass, earthenware or porcelain, clay (burnt or baked), or cement or in which such                 materials predominate.

Class 5.  Articles composed wholly of paper, card-board, mill-board or straw board , or in which such materials                               predominate.

Class 6.  Articles composed wholly of leather or in which leather predominates, not included in other classes.

Class 7.  Paper hangings

Class 8.  Carpets, rugs and floor coverings in all materials.

Class 9.   Lace.

Class 10.  Boots, shoes and the like foot-wear.

Class 11.   Millinery and wearing apparel (except articles included in class 10).

Class 12.   Goods not included in other Classes.

Class 13.   Printed or woven designs on textile goods (other than checks or stripes).

Class 14.   Printed or woven designs on textile goods being checks or stripes.

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