Chairman IPO speaks loud for Copyright protection of music at Lahore Music Meet

02 Feb 2020
LAHORE, February 2, 2020: Speaking loud for the Copyright protection of music, Chairman, IPO-Pakistan, Mr. Mujeeb Ahmed Khan has said that Music industry is the backbone of our culture and while protecting this industry means safeguarding our cultural values and the Copyright Law is a tool to provide protection to creators of this industry.
He expressed these views while addressing a session on ‘IPO: Music and Copyrights in Pakistan’ at Lahore Music Meet (LMM). The session was participated by musicians; including singers, song writers and composers etc.
Chairman, IPO-Pakistan was of the view that the current Copyright law does not have teeth to enforce the rights of the Musicians. In order to overcome this issue, he went on saying, IPO-Pakistan is in the process of amending the Copyright Law. The new refined Copyright Law would have larger protection of the rights of musicians.
Mr. Mujeeb Ahmed Khan urged that in order to overcome the issues faced by the music industry, there should be performing rights societies so that musicians can collectively enforce and bargain for their rights.
The Chairman highlighted the linkage of Copyrights with the music industry and said that there is a dire need to create maximum awareness among the stakeholders and general public about this law which gives protection to their music rights.
In Question/Answer session, famous Lok Singers including; Akram Rahi, Gulzar Rana, Kamran Lashari and Adil Azhar etc asked different questions about their music rights.
At the end, Chairman, IPO-Pakistan distributed Copyright certificates of their work among singers and other stakeholders of music industry.