Average process time for Services of Copyright Office

Average process time for Services of Copyright Office 


Type / nature of office action

Average time for disposal

(working days)


Issuance of Acknowledgement Receipt on filing application

This includes following steps:

  • Reception of documents in the Systems
  • Reception of Fee instruments and verification
  • Data Entry

One week


Examination of application. This includes following steps:

  • Formal examination; and
  • Reporting

Nine months


Issuance of Registration Certificate on compliance of all legal / codal requirements. This includes following steps:-

  • Processing of reply / amendments
  • Data entry
  • Issuance of Registration Certificate

Two months


Accumulated time from Filing To Registration of copyright applied for

Eleven months


Miscellaneous requests where hearing is NOT required such as; 

  • Request for issuance of certified copy
  • Request for change of name, address, etc.
  • Request for duplicate certificate
  • Request for assignment / licence etc.

One month