Pakistan as Office of Designated Contracting Party

Pakistan as Office of Designated Contracting Party (CP)

The TMR shall be notified by IB about the international registrations in which Pakistan has been designated, this office shall record the particulars of such international registrations, examine it in accordance with the provisions of the Trade Marks Ordinance & Rules thereunder. In case of any objection during the examination of international registration or if there is any opposition receives by third party after publication of mark in Trademarks Journal, TMR shall communicate a provisional refusal (whether on the basis of examination or on the basis of opposition, as the case may be) to the International Bureau of WIPO. After completion of all the procedures under Trademarks Ordinance and Rules, TMR will either withdraw the provisional refusal or confirm the same fully or partly and shall give protection to the international registration in Pakistan accordingly and shall send the notification to the International Bureau to that effect.

The TMR shall also keep updating Post Registration matters i.e. renewal and changes made therein as and when notified by the International Bureau of WIPO.