Technology and Innovation Support Centers

Technology and Innovation Support Centers

Technology and Innovation Support Centers is an initiative under recommendation 8 of WIPO Development Agenda. Under this project TISC network have been established in a number of member states with the collaboration of National IP Offices and relevant public and private institutes. The establishment of TISCs would go a long way to diminish the global knowledge gap between developed and developing countries and would promote technological, economic and social development of countries by providing access to technology information and related services.


Rationale of TISC

Patent is an agreement between the State and inventor in which, State grants exclusive right to the inventor to exploit its invention in the market, in return to the disclosure of his invention to the public. The patent system has two basic outcomes for inventor and general public viz;

  •  The inventor gets exclusive right on his invention
  •   The public gets access to the invention (disclosure in patent document)

The incentive in the form of “exclusive right for inventor” is an oft-discussed outcome of the patent protection, while the “Disclosure of technology” is generally an understated and underestimated aspect of this system. However, the fact is that patent documents are tremendous source of technical and legal information about novel products and processes.

The global patent data bases provide a huge collection of patent documents. According to the sources of WIPO, over 75 million patent documents have been published so far from the beginning of time (when patents were first published) till now.  The patent databases are maintained by patent offices of the world in an easily accessible format. There is growing concern that wealth of information in patent bases should be made accessible to researchers, students, enterprises and concerned circles.

The primary objective of TISC network is to promote the use of patent information among the researchers, entrepreneurs, IP managers, attorneys, Govt officials, business community and policy makers by making the national and international patent databases accessible to them. These centers will also act as one stop shop of other IP services.

TISCs and Global Perspective

In April 2009, WIPO initiated a pilot project to establish Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs) within the framework of its Development Agenda. Since then, 59 countries have signed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with WIPO to develop national TISC networks. According to TISC Report- 2016, 517 TISCs have been established during this period.




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