IPO, Sightsavers Pakistan to work closely for acceding Marrakesh Treaty

31 Aug 2020

ISLAMABAD, August 31, 2020: Intellectual Property Organization (IPO-Pakistan) and Sightsavers Pakistan joined hands for acceding Marrakesh Treaty benefitting the Visually Impaired Persons (VIPs) in the country.

The commitment came during a meeting between IPO and Sightsavers here on Monday in IPO-Pakistan, Headquarters. Mr. Meesaq Arif, Executive Director, IPO chaired the meeting. While the three-member delegation from Sightsavers included Syeda Munazza Gillani, Country Director, Mr. Khalid Naeem and Mr. Zahid Abdullah. IPO officers included Mr. Ali Rasul, Director, Mr. Saifullah Khan, Deputy Director and Mr. Aamir Riaz, Deputy Director.

For the invaluable input of Sightsavers Pakistan, Mr. Meesaq Arif said that IPO would share proposed amendments to Copyright law aimed to comply with Marrakesh Treaty. He said that IPO would extend every possible support to Sightsavers Pakistan for completing their noble cause of facilitating the VIPs.

Syeda Munazza Gillani thanked IPO-Pakistan for its forthcoming attitude and appreciated its efforts for acceding Marrakesh Treaty. She apprised that they have also got the Urdu translation of the Marrakesh Treaty.

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