IPO to launch awareness campaign for NASTP, Kamra

01 Sep 2020

ISLAMABAD, September 1, 2020: In order to facilitate National Aerospace Science & Technology Park (NASTP), Kamra, IPO-Pakistan will start a comprehensive awareness campaign for Patent filing and drafting.

This was decided during a meeting between Executive Director, IPO Mr. Meesaq Arif and Project Director, NASTP Dr. Liaquat Ullah Iqbal and Director Engineering & Technology, Dr. Tauseef ur Rehman.

The campaign will include seminars and awareness sessions during which IP experts will apprise NASTP about the procedure and importance of Patent filing and drafting. This will also help commercializing their projects.

Mr. Meesaq Arif said that the IPO would also establish the first Technology and Innovation Support Centre (TISC) at NASTP.