Procedure for Online Registration

Procedure for Online Registration

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Registration is mandatory for the use of the online filing system of trademarks. There are two types of users:

  1. SELF (for those who intend to apply for trademark applications on their own) [Guide for SELF user registration]
  2. REPRESENTATIVE (for those who want to apply for trademark applications on behalf of their clients) [Guide for REPRESENTATIVE user registration]
  1. Attorney
  2. RTMA (Registered Trademark Agent)

There are two steps in the registration process:

  1. In the first step, the user is requested to enter his CNIC and authenticate himself through Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) by verifying his mobile number and email. This step is the same for both the user types;
  2. In the second step, the user selects his user type (SELF or REPRESENTATIVE) and enters his basic details accordingly. In the case of REPRESENTATIVE registration, the user has to provide his law firm name and Bar Council license number. The documentary proof of being an advocate or RTMA is also required.

The registration of a SELF user is completed upon completion of the second step of the registration process and is conveyed to the applicant through system-generated email that contains the UserName, Default Password (for logging on to the online filing system) and a 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) (for submitting trademark application to IPO-Pakistan online).

The registration of a REPRESENTATIVE user is different from the SELF user. Upon submission of a registration request to IPO, the data and the proof of being an advocate or RTMA – as the case may be – is checked by the IT Directorate officer for any clerical mistakes and data inconsistency. In the case of discrepancy, the user is intimated for correction through system generated email; but if there is no discrepancy, the following procedure is adopted to complete the registration:

  1. UserName and Default Password is shared through email (this enables the user to log on to the online filing system);
  2. IT Directorate officer generates a letter for verification of correspondence address from the system and sends it through regular courier on the correspondence address mentioned in the registration request;
  3. User, upon receipt of the address verification letter, uploads the scanned copy of the address verification letter in his online filing system dashboard (using UserName and Password communicated to him through email) after mentioning the courier tracking number in designated space and endorsing his signature and stamp on the letter.
  4. The IT Directorate officer verifies the courier tracking number in the official record (received from courier company) and on the scanned letter (mentioned by the user upon receipt of the letter through courier) and issues the Authorization PIN through SMS and Email.

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