Average process time for Services of Patent Office

Average process time for Services of Patent Office 


Type / nature of office action

Average time for disposal

(working days)


Issuance of Acknowledgement Receipt on filing application. This includes following steps:

  • Reception of documents in Systems
  • Reception of Fee instruments and verification
  • Data Entry

One week


Issuance of 1st Examination Report on application.

This includes following steps:

  • IPC Classification
  • Allocation to the Examiner
  • Formal examination
  • Novelty search
  • Substantive examination
  • Reporting

Eighteen months


Review Action on Reply received from the applicant

Three months


Acceptance and subsequent publication on compliance of all legal / codal requirements. This includes following steps:

  • Processing of reply / amendments
  • Data entry
  • Publication in Patent e-Journal /Official Gazette part V

Two months


Publication / Notification of ”Sealing is due” of Patent  application - where no opposition received. It includes following steps:

  • Opposition time (04 month); and
  • publication of information of “Sealing is due”

Six months


Issuance of Registration Certificate of Patent after reception of Fee and form P-10

Ten days


Accumulated time to decide Patent Opposition proceedings

 Two years


Patent  Search Report from request on form P-27

One month


Miscellaneous requests where hearing is NOT required  such as; 

  • Request for issuance of certified copy
  • Request for change of name, address, etc.
  • Request for duplicate certificate
  • Request for assignment / licence etc.

One month


Process time to decide Patent Revocation proceedings

One year