Patent Search Resources

Patent Search Resources

Patent information is stored and made available to public through user friendly databases. These patent databases constitute a unique resource of techno legal information owing to following characteristics:


Huge & Diversified

According to WIPO resources, so far, around the world some 40 million patents have been published in all possible technical fields. Further, nearly one million additional patent documents are added annually; which makes patent databases single most huge collection of scientific information. In addition, patent databases contain information in every field of technology from simple household utility items to highly sophisticated technologies.

State of Art Information

Legally, Patent is granted to only novel and innovative technologies, products and processes. Therefore, patent databases contain most upto date information. According to WIPO nearly 70% patent information is not disclosed anywhere. Furthermore, in most of jurisdictions, patent application is required to disclose technical information in a way to enable the person skilled in art to carry out the invention, therefore, a paten document discloses the detailed account of technology/invention claimed in patent application.

Standardized Search Tools

Another useful characteristic of these patent databases is that search can be performed by using nearly standard search tools. Once you master the search techniques and learn search operators, you can dig into any patent database like WIPO, USPTO, EPO, KIPO, JPO.
Do explore the huge resource of technical and scientific information. A few important patent databases are as under:
USPTO Espacenet Patentscope Google Patents Free Patents Online